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30 Day Detox Challenge 


get 30 days of detox recipes

daily video and chat support

lose weight.feel energized.look flawless


Through a german engeneered Quantum ResonanceMagnetic Analyzer we can now analyze and test your health status and main problems in the body. This test is non invasive and allows us to make standard prevention recommendations for your overall health .

IQ Well Scan 

Create healthy eating habits 

safe weight loss

support organ function 

lower blood pressure 

lower type 2 diabetes

reduce risk of cancer 

feel better

look better 

Herbal Health 

support the bodies detox Process by creating a healthy internal environment  




'You have done more for me in the past week than any doctor did since I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 6 years ago.The difference is astounding since following your detox program.

  Just after one week my clothes fit loosely and I am already down one dress size.

Thank you! Thank you for all you have done and all that you are going to do to safe my life"


"My doctor was thrilled and surprised. Couldn't believe my recovery" 


"My husband and friends keep telling me I look slimmer"


"I am sleeping much better at night"


I've lost a significant amount of weight"


"I have so much more energy than before"


"Do you feel different, you ask.

Man, do I! You have to try it for yourself to understand but this is the way to go. Once you go green, you'll know what I mean lol. There's a freshness to each breath that I've never known. I can't describe it. 

This is like anything in life. You have to be in the season and all things must come together at the right time. But when you're ready, just leap" Plant based is the way to go.

All the foods are delicious!