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BareDetox Program
BareDetox offers various 4 week programs that stimulate health, detoxification & weight loss. Eating healthy in 2020 is more important than ever. Sign up and learn how to prepare healthier versions of the foods you like to eat. Our Programs are suitable for PEOPLE WHO WANT TO TRANSITION INTO HEALTH.

Each Cell in your body has an electromagnetic energy field.

The IQ Well Scan looks for cell weaknesses and delivers a very accurate report of your overall health. we scan for organ functions, glandular functions, the blood and lymph system, Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies and many more.                         

IQ Well Scan 

Create healthy eating habits and a safe weight loss Routine through our virtual detox program.

look better, Feel Better, eat better.

Are you looking to transition to plant based living or simply implement a healthier lifestyle?

We've made it so easy for you,all you have to do is sign up!

Virtual Weight Loss 

Trying to lose weight fast!?


our custom detoxes are designed to accelerate weight loss and regenerate the body. 

lose weight fast 

have more energy 

sleep better 

increase libido

reduce anxiety 

clear your skin 

get rid of "Brain Fog"

and many more ...




"Thank you Ndine, you have a gift and it's helping me so much. you have done more for me in the past week than any doctor did since i was diagnosed with 

hypothyroidism 6 years ago. My pain is gone and the swelling in my legs and  hands

have gone down considerably.

The difference is astounding.

In just one week i am down one dress size and my clothes fit loosely.

I wish i had listened from the very beginning and come to you when you first spoke to me!"


"My doctor was thrilled and surprised. Couldn't believe my recovery" 


"My husband and friends keep telling me I look slimmer"


"I am sleeping much better at night"


I've lost a significant amount of weight"


"I have so much more energy than before"


"Do you feel different, you ask.

Man, do I! You have to try it for yourself to understand but this is the way to go. Once you go green, you'll know what I mean lol. There's a freshness to each breath that I've never known. I can't describe it. 

This is like anything in life. You have to be in the season and all things must come together at the right time. But when you're ready, just leap" Plant based is the way to go.

All the foods are delicious!