I thought you should know, that under your guidance I've lost 22 pounds in just three weeks. My energy is up, smile is back on my face, my mind is clearer and I sleep 300% better. All because I listened to your advice and followed your lead. This was officially my best investment ever! You're a priceless gem ❤️ Thank you, Danke, Merci!

P.S. Looking forward to shed off 50 more 😉 M.A.

Thanks for always checking on me!

I'm energetic!

This Detox eliminated my night sweats! Usually I wake up soaked every morning; been dry for 3 nights!


I just want to thank you for everything you taught me. I owe you so much! You have really helped me change my life and I cannot

 imagine wanting to poison my body after all this ever again. I weight in today...down about 8-9 lbs after just 3 days!!!



"These are amazing. Actually prefer these to regular brownies" I.B.

Thank you Ndine for "out of this world" black beans brownies (BBB) 
This absolutely makes my day ❤️
#addicted M.A.

These are awesome. Everyone needs to try them no matter what your food preference is. Endorsed by Chef Kazenske

Delicious! And I'm not even a brownie lover! S.L.



So I must make a confession, I've been on this journey to cut out blood and starch... what happened you ask.......

I followed people like Eric Blanks who swear that food is thy medicine. And I agreed. But I wasn't sure that I was ready to make the shift myself.
Then I started feeling inspired by the daily posts of my friend Ndine Drame who spreads her knowledge through Barefood Wellness- detoxing, weightloss, cleansing, eating clean etc..

I researched Dr Sebi, and the magical capabilities of the body through food and slowly it all came together!

So at this point I've been meat free for about 2 weeks. 

Do you feel different, you ask.

Man, do I! You have to try it for yourself to understand but this is the way to go. Once you go green, you'll know what I mean lol. There's a freshness to each breath that I've never known. I can't describe it. 

This is like anything in life. You have to be in the season and all things must come together at the right time. But when you're ready, just leap!

Thanks to all of you who have breadcrumbed me to this point.
I may miss the occasional chicken wing but the opportunity cost of going in is way too great at this point. J.J.


Ndine, you have touched many people, so I want to say thanks for being you. I hope you are aware of how many lives you are touching. 

I am not a religious person, but my hard core bible friends are always telling me that the true purpose of adversity is to discover the real meaning of why it happened, and how it is destined to be a path to a better life. The path becomes a road, and perhaps an interstate, when we trail broken ground for others.

For those who are not religious, I suppose this is called good karma, positive juju, or in the redneck vernacular, "dang, honey, you done real good.")


I trust that you have seen the light at the end of your tunnel, and thanks for blazing the trail for others to follow.


Luv ya sweetie,

Thanks for the example and inspitation